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    connection on one PC

    Ross MacKay
      Hi there,

      I've recently designed and uploaded a website for my client, and have installed Contribute on their PC so that they can make updates themselves. I had tested Contribute on my iMac, iBook and PC and it connected and edited perfectly. However, when I installed it on their PC (Win XP i think it is), it doesn't connect. I have created a connection key at my office and used that but it tries to connect a few times (the progress bar gets quite far and then restarts) and eventually gives up. I get the same error if I put in the details afresh (rather than using the key).

      The problem can't be at the server as every other computer I have tried connects no problems. So it must be my clients PC that is the problem. I've tried disabling their firewall but that made no difference...

      I'm rather confused!

      I can't recall the exact error message as it has been a while since I was at my clients office, but once I get it from them I will post it.

      If anyone can help??