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    Equipment X File size


      I apologize if I could not get the message correctly in English. Well, I need help, I have a file that is currently 78 Mb. I'm making backup copies constants to minimize errors (crashes and damage in the file). I´m using a computer with Win10, Intel I5, 8 GB of RAM and use server space to store my files. What has happened is that my file is getting damaged to the point of disappearing the linked charts (in Box ties, rather than display the page number to locate the image of the bond, appears the initials "AT"). In these cases, I have to make generation of the links again or use backup to fix the problem. And besides, sometimes it gives error in the PDF generation for the graphics, which leads me to resort to backup again. As has been repeated several times these errors and damage in the file, it is possible that these failures are related to file size (which will increase further, since not finished the job) and the memory capacity of my equipment? If so, could you tell whether there was a need to increase the RAM to reduce such damage in the file?



      - Linkages disappear and appears next to them the initials "AT" in place of the page number to locate the link

      - PDF file for damaged graphic

      - Constant recurrence to backup, which has to be generated every file modification to prevent damage.

      - If it can be related to Equipment X File size (increase the RAM will bring improvements?).