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    Which files need to be saved when organizing Premiere Elements 13 files


      I am trying to organize my files by saving what I want to keep on an external hard drive and deleting what is not necessary.  I want to make sure that I can open my projects later and make changes to them, but for now I am finished with edits to these videos and want to store them on the external hard drive to save space. I understand  that I can delete the Adobe Premiere Elements Preview Files. What about the Encoded Files folder and the Layouts folder. I noticed that the Encoded Files folder only has a few of the projects, so I don't know how I inadvertently created them and what their purpose is. Ditto for the Layouts folder and the Score Files. Thanks


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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          There are a couple ways to do this. 


          My way is not documented.  It is to have EVERYTHING for each project in a designated and dedicated project folder.  That includes copies of all video, image and audio assets as well as all the Scratch Disks (from Edit > Preferences > Scratch Disks).   I can then copy the ENTIRE folder anywhere for storage.  Then I can copy it back to the working drive for future edits.  Note that this may not work if you upgrade to the next version.  You have to keep your various version to match your projects.


          Another way is to use the Project Archiver.. tool in the file menu.  I've tried it a couple times and it works.  I don't use it because I have more control over folder structure when I do it may way.  As I recall, there are two choices in the Project Archiver process.  One saves a larger set of files for future work.  The other trims up files to save space but leaves fewer future editing options.  Note that a few versions back there was a suggestion on this forum that there might be a bug somewhere in the Archiver.  Before you delete your master project folder you might personally test being able to open an archived project. 


          Please refer to the user manual ( https://helpx.adobe.com/pdf/premiere-elements_reference.pdf ) for explanation of the Archiver process.