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    how can i get this effect?

      ok take a look at my menu

      What id like to do with this is get a edges to glow with highlited spots that scroll around the outside gving it a rotateing in and outward glowing effect between red and purple if that makes sense can this be achieved with action script? ive been looking for some websites to see if i can find one that has the effect im after but ive not found one yet....idealy i would liek to get the outside edge where it is red to have a fade in rotaintg effect as well as the red border around my buttons...

      Anyhelp apreciated im prety certain theres an easy way to do this its just beyond me...
      1 thought i had was to use a motion guide with say a blured red box tween that changes color , having 5 or 6 of those in difrent places running at diffrent places ....the animation of this is rather compex for the fadeing in fadeing out etc. gota be a simpler way with flash..