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    Why does the coded exercise file from a Lynda course work, and my recreation of that example does not?


      I am taking a course on Lynda.com, called

      Creating a Slideshow with Edge Animate


      The author shows you step by step how to build a basic slideshow using the timeline.


      Then he shows you how to make that same slideshow, but pull the images in dynamically. {No animation, just bare bones.


      Then he shows you how to add animation to that one and that is where it all goes off the rails.


      I made the same modifications to the one I built from scratch. Double checked the code. Everything was Identical.

      It did not work. The example from the exercise files worked fine, but my did not.


      I deleted mine and started over. Same result.


      I copied and pasted the code from the example into mine. The example worked and the mine still does not, but does behave exactly as mine did before.


      How do I get mine to behave exactly as the example does?