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    opi error making pdf/x 2008


      When exporting a PDF using PDF/X 2008 as the format, I get a single error at the end.


      One or more placed graphics include OPI information. The information is not permitted in PDF/X compliant files. This export will produce a PDF/X compliant file with no OPI information, but a graphic may be omitted or may be exported at low-resolution if the high-resolution data is not included in the placed graphic.


      However, it does not show me what files are in error. How do I identify which image is causing the issue with the InDesign? There are no errors showing in INDD. Only appears when exporting.


      How do I find these problematic images?

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Did you by chance place a PDF that was exported from QuarkXPress?

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            media@csbministries.org Level 1

            Hi Bob:


            I do have a few PDFs placed that were generated out of InDesign. We have a companion workbook. A few of those small pages get embedded as thumbnails in the book I'm trying to print now that is giving the error.


            Is embedding a PDF a PDF/X 2008 no no?


            To be honest, I'm trying the PDF/X 2008 format for the first time. I took a course on InDesign on Lynda.com by David Blatner. He says PDF/X 2008 is the best format for PDFs for production printing (non-desktop printing).


            What concerns me is that the error seems to imply that offending objects were removed without telling me what objects they are. Seems kind of like a ridiculous error. My publication has hundreds of graphics (very visual). It's insane to not be able to identify them in InDesign and take corrective action.


            (Prior to my arrival here, the pre-press reading of an InDesign file mainly involved exporting as a "high-quality print" which is for low-end desktop printers. I'm trying to ensure that I generate the right PDF, full quality, for a commercial press. Our past printing of the "high-quality" PDFs looked less than they could look. When I took the Blatner course, and he said that the PDF/X 2008 is one of the best formats to choose for commercial printing, I went with it.


            One of my publications generated this PDF/X 2008 without error. But another, that does have PDFs in it generated using INDD export as PDF.

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              PDFs are fine, but PDFs that have OPI comments are not.




              That’s why I asked if any were generated by QuarkXPress. This was a fairly common problem in older versions.

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                Is it solved? Do you know the solution to this issue?