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    Need to install on top of 20.0.0272 on Windows 10 Internet Explorer


      The get.adobe.com site keeps telling me I have the latest version, but i don't!   I need .306 to make my application, called Tell Me More, to function.  Otherwise all I get is a blank screen.  I've been on tech support with Tell Me More in France and they tell me to get .306 using Internet Explorer or they can't help.  


      I have somehow gotten .306 on one machine and it works.  Tell Me More remoted in to a machine, got it to work, but a new version showed up,   Where did that come from?   Tell Me More will work with that one as well.


      The other machines that DON'T work have   


      When I try to go in with Google to get the .306 update, I down load it, and attempt to install it, but it tells me that "you already have the current version", so that is no help.


      Finally, I try to remove Flash Player... no chance..   "You have Windows 10 and it is integrated into the operating system"


      Oh, all Windows Updates were current as of this morning, so no help from Microsoft.


      HELP!   I'm in Haiti just one more day and they need this ESL software working before I leave.

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          As of Windows 8, Microsoft embeds Flash Player in Internet Explorer (and now Edge in Windows 10) and all updates come from Microsoft via Windows Updates.  For Windows 10, the Flash Player update is Security Update for Flash Player for Windows 10 (KB3135782).  If it's not showing up in your system, please contact Microsoft as they are the ones that distribute the update, not Adobe.


          Regarding version - this is the Extended Support Release version, but there is no way to install the ESR version for IE/Edge browser on Windows 8.x and above.  If you're seeing version I suspect it's with a different browser and was manually installed by someone.


          Google also integrates Flash Player in Chrome (and has for several years), which means there is no separate installer for Flash Player for Chrome.  If you don't have in Chrome for some reason it hasn't been updated in Chrome, which is odd, as Google is very good at updating Flash Player within a reasonable time-frame and. was last months' update.  You can try the following to try to update Flash Player in Chrome:

          1. Launch Chrome and navigate to chrome://components
          2. Look for the pepper_flash entry
          3. If it has Version: you have the latest.  If it doesn't, click the 'Check for Update' button.