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    I need help guys....

      Hey guys... i have this script right now that can makes letters light up in a field when typed on the keyboard but it has some problems that I need help to change.... First of all my objective is to make a typing game.... Like all typing games you are supposed to type the letters according from left to right..... I want this script altered so that you must only type from left to right... this script also has a problem that for example when like the world "property", when the letter P is typed both the P words light up... please help me alter this so that it suites my needs

      property myWord, mySprite

      on beginSprite me
      myWord = []
      mySprite = sprite(1)
      t = mySprite.member.text
      repeat with cnt = 1 to t.length
      end repeat
      mySprite.member.color = color(255,255,255)

      on keyDown me
      inds = []
      repeat with cnt = 1 to myWord.count
      if myWord[cnt] = _key.key then
      end if
      end repeat
      repeat with cnt = 1 to inds.count
      mySprite.member.char[inds[cnt]].color = color(255,0,0)
      end repeat