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    Auto populate a text field, based on selections from multiple radio buttons & checkbox?




      I am hoping someone could please assist me with an issue I am having with a form I am creating.

      I have a read only text field that I want to auto display one of four possibilities (A, B, C, and D); all based on what the user selects in various sets of radio buttons and one check box.


      I have three sets of radio buttons.

      Radio Button Set 1 has two choices (1a, 1b).

      I also have one check box (N_A).

      Radio Button Set 2 has two choices (2a, 2b).

      Radio Button Set 3 has three choices (3a, 3b, 3c).


      There are fourteen possible combinations all resulting in one of the four possible outcomes:

      1a + N_A = A

      1a + 2a + 3a = B

      1a + 2a + 3b = C

      1a + 2a + 3c = D

      1a + 2b + 3a = D

      1a + 2b + 3b = D

      1a + 2b + 3c = D

      1b + N_A = D

      1b + 2a + 3a = D

      1b + 2a + 3b = D

      1b + 2a + 3c = D

      1b + 2b + 3a = D

      1b + 2b + 3b = D

      1b + 2b + 3c = D


      Would someone know how to do this?

      I have Adobe Acrobat XI Pro and Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES4.

      Your assistance is very much appreciated.