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    After Effects CC newest update, incredibly slow



      Over the past few weeks AE has become incredibly slow and unresponsive after being fine for ages. All new updates are installed, its running off an SSD which has space available. I have a Nvidia Geforce graphics card with 2GB of Vram which it has been working with for the past few years. It has 32gb ram which i have had for ages and have been fine with in past?


      I also use premiere a lot, that is working fine apart from the dynamic linking between AE and premiere no longer works, it opens the AE comp but doesnt bring the video file with it, it just opens a blank comp of the correct length.


      The main issue is spinning beach ball every time I try to alter or change anything or click on any menus, basically every possible task is incredibly slow and unresponsive within AE, then when i have AE open premiere becomes a little slower, when i close it, premiere is fine again?


      Is there anything more specific I need to tell you guys to diagnose this problem?





      Mavericks 10.9.5

      Imac 14, 2

      NVIDIA Geforce 2gb

      CC 15 (all apps up to date)