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    Lightroom Develop module has become slow to render any action I take


      In LR 6.4, any action that I take within the Develop module has become torturingly slow. I was using the adjustment brush and I'd make a stoke and LR would take from a minute to several minutes to have that stroke appear. The little colored beach ball just kept rotating. It took me all day to do one simple image. If I tried to use the hand tool to move to another section of the image, it took a long time to do—even using the Navigator took a long time. When I finally finished, I tried to crop the image and had problems with the crop tool as well.


      This problem began today and I've done nothing to the computer except use it for quite a long time.


      I had this problem a few versions ago, but it went away when I upgraded to the newer version. When I began to have this problem today, I quit LR and restarted my computer at least twice. Any ideas to help?


      I'm on an older Mac Pro (2x2.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon) running OS X 10.9.5.

      Lightroom is version 6.4.

      I have 20 GB of RAM.

      Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB