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    Unable to sync Lr running on desktop iMac with Lr mobile on MacBook Pro

    andrewould Level 1

      I'm new to the Creative Cloud and Ps and Lr apps, which I first installed on my new desktop iMac. Then, when on a trip out of town last week, I imported a few dozen photos into Lr running on my MacBook Pro. I've returned home and have been unsuccessful the last few days in syncing my LR Mobile work with Lr on my desktop.


      I've followed the steps in Adobe's tutorial on syncing Lr Mobile to desktop -- which suggests that I should see a collection in Lr on my iMac titled "Lr Mobile." But that collection does not appear in Lr on my iMac.


      I'd appreciate any troubleshooting tips that go beyond the limited syncing advice in Adobe's own tutorials.


      Thanks in advance,