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    adobe elements premiere 13 export cancelled


      Hello People,


      I have had this problem with my computer seemingly not understanding premiere elem.13 language :

      the FILE > EXPORT function being systematically greyed out at each new reinstall of the software.

      I have asked support in adobe, but they say they don't offer support on products registred for more than three monthes ago.

      I have sent message on this current forum, and no answer came: see:

      elements 13, file> export greyed out : evaluation version?



      so i am driven by their desire, i am forced to buy either adobe element premiere 14

      or buy a rent of adobe premiere pro .


      i opt for this latter solution.

      but i want a guarantee from adobe that they are going to solve the non compability between my computer and adobe premiere pro 2015 .

      (i am on Windows 8.1 64bits 32 GB RAM 2,1 Gigahertz two processors.)


      can there be anyone from adobe certifying me a yes to that?


      thank you!

      Dewey Dell 5