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    How do you ALWAYS SHOW the thumbnails pane by default in Acrobat DC?

    dmancini_mc Level 1

      I have looked through all the settings and searched here and on Google – maybe I missed it, but I don't see the option ANYWHERE.


      Acrobat DC refuses to persist my decision to open the thumbnails pane after I have closed the program and opened another file.


      This is HORRIBLY annoying because I have to delete pages from almost every document I open in Acrobat DC (nature of my job and use case), and since.... "upgrading....."  *cough*  .... from Acrobat XI, I now have to "unhide" the left sidebar (I didn't ever have to do this in Acrobat XI), AND THEN tell it to show the thumbnails.  This is a HUGE waste of time working with multiple files that have to be edited thus.


      I have the latest version: 2015.010.20056 on Windows 7.