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    Collections Disappear


      I recently spent a lot of time importing photos neatly into Folders and that went well.  Then I made a Collection of some old vacation photos.  A few days later, the Collection showed 0 photos, and I could not figure out why.  I thought I would just be more careful the next time I made a Collection.


      Then, I made another Collection of a more recent vacation, worked hours on editing them, and reorganized them by dragging them exactly where I wanted them within the Collection.  I was ready to export them so I could make a sideshow in Premiere Elements.  I opened the Export Dialog Box to export them, changed my mind, and Canceled, then went back to the Folder (not the Collection) to look at them one more time.  When I went back to the Collection, it showed 0 photos.  As I looked at this some more, I realized all my edited photos seemed to be totally missing from Lightroom.  Only the photos that I had deleted from the Collection still remained.  Worse than that, they seemed to be deleted from my external hard drive.  Obviously, I deleted them but I certainly did not intend to and don't remember deleting anything.


      I had saved the photos in another location so it is not a disaster.  But I need to figure out what I am doing wrong, as this has happened twice. If I make a Collection and add some photos and later the Collection has no photos, what am I doing wrong? Is it so easy to accidentally delete photos that you don't realize you are doing it?  I restored my original photos but all my edits are gone.  I really love this software but this seems like a big problem.


      Thanks for any advice on this.  I read the other posts about missing Collections but those situations seem a bit different.

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          trshaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It sounds like you created a new catalog from a collection:

          Go to menu File> Open Recent and see if you can select your original catalog.

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            JanYB Level 1


            Thank you for replying to this.  I think what I actually did in this situation is that I had all my photos selected, then clicked on an individual photo (in the Folder) and hit delete, thinking I was deleting only one photo.  I did not realize that there was such a thing as a "more selected" photo, and that I still had all the photos selected and I only changed the "most selected" photo.  I watched a video by Julieanne Kost about this which was helpful.  I think in this case I just accidentally deleted all the photos in the Collection, thinking I was deleting only one.

            Thanks so much.