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    Export for Capture One help::

    OwenLR Level 1

      I have a client that wants me to deliver my edited RAW files for a project. In this case my .NEF and .ARW files. They use Capture One, I use Lightroom. They told me they can not accept .DNG files because they can not read them.


      I have created several test files and have tried saving metadata to file which creates a .xmp sidecar. If I open this in photoshop I see my edits. However, when I import to Capture One I am not able to see any of the edits. Is there a way to deliver .NEF and .ARW files in their original format and also have my edits read by Capture One?


      Never been asked for file delivery like this before and not sure how to make this work. Any input is much appreciated.

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          Rikk-Flohr Adobe Community Professional

          You will have to create a derivative file like a TIFF or a PSD with the edit settings baked into the final output. 

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            OwenLR Level 1

            But you lose the ability to reset all the values using TIFF (or other non-raw files).

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              Rikk-Flohr Adobe Community Professional

              Yep, one of the lovely benefits of Capture One. 

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                OwenLR Level 1

                What you are saying is there is no way to edit in LR and deliver RAW files with .xmp instructions that can be read by capture one? Is this totally correct? Not sure how to address this with client.

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                  ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  LR and C1 are both raw converters using proprietary technology.  Neither Adobe nor PhaseOne are privy to what the other does with their conversion recipe.  C1 is not going to understand LR instructions in the XMP file, since it uses different methods for raw conversion. 


                  You can give the client either LR-developed non-raws (TIFs, JPGs) with the LR processing already baked in, or you can give them the raw files with the LR instructions in an XMP and let them to whatever they want with the files, but they won’t see Adobe-processing in the XMP if they don’t’ have an Adobe-compatible raw processor which C1 is not.  There might be some things that transfer across, perhaps ratings and colors, if Adobe and C1 use the same XMP metadata tags to store such things.


                  It’d be like your giving a car repair man animal feed formulations or a horse-farmer gasoline formulations, each is not applicable to the other due to differences in usage, other than each might be able to make some use out of corn, one for ethanol and the other for feed, but neither optimal.