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    Signature issues in Acrobat Pro 9.5


      This is a weird one, and is only affecting one machine. And, yes, we are slowly upgrading these workstations to Pro XI or DC when they are being replaced.... The computer is a Windows 7, Core i5, 4Gb RAM configuration, the same as 1/3 of the building still neeeding refreshed.


      When they draw the signature box at the end of their document, as of Friday last week, the signature covers half of the last line of text in the document. If they enter more lines after the text, it will draw OK. This is not the way it works previously, or on other workstations. The draw box is very precise on other workstations running Acrobat Pro 9.5, but this one workstation seems to be off by about half a line. I cannot see any settings that would've caused this. There were no Windows updates applied on Thursday night or Friday morning The user went home Thursday with everything working fine, came in Friday and opened a similar document to the last one that worked, and now has the issue. The only plugin running is Debenue Aerialist


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.