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    Sorting Issues On Lightroom


      I imported some photos from one iPhone to the other. So on the same iPhone there are photos taken in two devices. Both had the same time settings.

      On the iPhone the photos appear on the correct order.


      I imported it all from on iPhone to the LR.

      When I try to sort photos by date taken, it gets messed up (see photo attached).


      [image removed at user's request... Mod]


      1) photos should be sorted in capture time, as you can seen in the image.

      2) Look it up at the third line, photo 34 was taken after photo 39.

      3) I tried re-reading the meta data from the files, it did not fix.

      3) I´m using the latest version of Lightroom CC, just checked in CC app, it´s updated as right now (March 7th)