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    FDS swallows stack traces

      There are stack traces we need to see when FDS makes calls to our Assembly functions. At the moment we have all of the log settings we can find in the XML configuration files turned on. FDS still swallows all of our exceptions without a stack trace. Any information about the location of additional log settings would be appreciated.
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          Yikes, it is very important that we get those stack traces out. They should show up if you have Debug logging on and both Message.* and DataService.* categories enabled. If it is still not showing up with those two categories enabled, can you let me know the assembler method which is being called?
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            busitech Level 1
            I went into the category filters as you suggested, and turned an immense number of them on. Now our stack trace is coming out. We did not realize that the category filters would override debug logging being on. Thank you!