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    Morphing two Images?

    Vividex Level 1

      How would I morph/transform (NOT TRANSITION) this image:


      to this image:



      Or atleast turn the first image into like a sparkling spinning ball thing and then transform that into the 2nd image.

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          Vividex Level 1

          Anyone qq?

          Need to know ASAP

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            Vividex Level 1

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The technique depends on the kind of image you are working with. If it's a layered Illustrator file and it is all vectors then you can use the blend tool in AE to morph from one shape to another, expand appearance and release to layers then import as a comp in AE and sequence the layers to get the morph. Here's a tutorial I wrote about a zillion years ago. The technique still works and I even use it once in a while: Morphing With Adobe Illustrator and AE


              Another option is to use an actual morphing plug-in that you buy from 3rd party vendors like Re-Vision Effects.


              You can also use distortion tools in AE to start bending things around and then make transitions.


              You can also create a sparkling spinning ball using CC Sphere and a pre-comp with a particle world as the source. Bend modes, blurs, duplicates and other tricks complete the transaction.


              If the footage has a transparent background or you can make it transparent you could even turn the layer into a 3D layer, start spinning it, jack up the motion blur and add exposure to use the art as the spinning thingie.


              A little more info about your skill level and exactly what kind of source material you have would help.