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    gtx 960 vs 770 for H265 Premiere workflow


      time to upgrade video card (sorry for ugly english)

      after tons of research i can't choose if is better a gtx 960 or a 770 for my budget...


      770 has more cuda cores, even if has lower gpu freq,

      it seems a little bit better in most cases (benchmarks) than the 960 but, for video editing experience,

      what about H265 encoding/decode? i can't find info on 770 h265 workflow/compatibility

      960 seems to have h265 native function encode/decod included, it will enhance workflow experience in Premire better than gtx 770 can do?

      sorry again for bad english

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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          the gtx 770 won't have h265 features like the gtx 960. the gtx 960 does, but premiere currently won't use those features. its anyone's guess when they will modernize to use gpu encoding/decoding. if you are just after performance, the gtx 770 will be slightly faster. if you want a card for future proofing, or better features, or lower watts, the gtx 960 is better.

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            RjL190365 Level 5

            Unfortunately, Adobe does not currently support hardware GPU encoding or decoding at all. Even the most recent release of Premiere CC, 2015.2, decodes and encodes entirely using the CPU.


            As for the GTX 770 versus the GTX 960, the GTX 770 is faster overall than the GTX 960, even in the current version of Premiere Pro CC. That's because the 770 has far greater memory throughput than the GTX 960: twice as much (224 GB/second versus 112 GB/second).

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              sueppe Level 1

              thank you for answer.. i think i'll go with 770 4gb that is a little bit cheaper than 960 4gb (in used market)..