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    Loaded movie loses functionality

    Asesino Level 1
      I have a movie called pageturn.swf and is loaded in this order....................First my main timeline is loaded , which is an animation.....at the end of the animation, my first movie is loaded with "loadMovie("movie2.swf"); at the end of this movie my third movie is loaded. ....In my third movie I have three navigation points and on one point when a button is click it takes the user to the the frame label and loads my page turn.swf movie........so.......I've gone from

      Main timeline ->movie1->movie2->movie3->pageturn.swf.

      I have a btn that resides in pageturn.swf that takes the navigation back to movie 3 or the "start" frame label. The pageturn.swf works the first time BUT pageturn.swf doesnt work when I try and open it again. It works the first time, then just doesnt do anything, sometimes when I test export, sometimes it will work but just not all the time like I would want it. I tried placing the unloadmovie at the end of the page turn exit but it does not fix the problem. below is what I have when it exits


      Any ideas?