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    "Edit Watermarks" just stopped working


      On the OS-X platform, I use LR 5.7.1.

      After months of successful use, the watermark editor will not appear when called either from

      a. the drop-down menu below the Lightroom heading, or

      b. within export (“Edit watermarks,” the last choice in the drop-down under Watermarks


      -perhaps of import:


      I can still select from preexisting watermarks when exporting


      to make watermarks that combine text & an icon,
      I produce .png files in PhotoShop Elements10
      & “import” them using the LR watermark editor.


      I do not know how to properly discard no-longer-wanted watermarks that have been saved

      using LR edit watermarks

      (I have tried removing .LRtemplate files from the Watermarks folder,

      but they remain “available” in the drop-down menu

      even after the corresponding .lrtemplate file is removed from the Watermarks folder)


      I mention this b/c there are many – if “quantity” is a problem . . .


      during the last iteration of successfully converting a .png file into a watermark within LR,

      the system altered the name assigned by me within the editor from

      2016.old.english.lefty to

      {several spaces or a tab] – 2016.old.english.lefty (i.e. spaces/tab + a hyphen)