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    Iphone 6 video/PP problem


      My son and his friends videoed a school project with an Iphone6. I need to upload the footage that I downloaded from google drive (it is on my hd) but PP wont recognize the footage when I try to import. How can I import it?

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          Bruce Bullis Adobe Employee

          First: This has nothing to do with Premiere Pro, its SDK, or its APIs.


          Second: I'll try to help anyway.


          I bring video from my iPhone6 into Lightroom, but I presume you can do the same with iPhoto. The videos are saved as .mov (QuickTime) files. I don't know how/why Google Drive got involved...


          What format are the files you're attempting to import into PPro, and what is the actual message that PPro displays?


          If you'd like, post or send one such file (a small one, if possible), and we'll look into it further. [day job address = b b b at adobe dot com]

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            karenc3174023 Level 1

            Thank you-

            My son has a video project in high school and his group shot it with an iphone and downloaded it and put all the clips (about 50) in google drive. And then said mom help  They are quick time movies. .MOV


            I downloaded lightroom but that does not let me import the quicktime movies either. I put all the MOV files in a folder and I am able to import them into PPro but it crashes whenever I try to do anything with them. They work on my Mac but I was hoping to have it working on my PC.

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              Bruce Bullis Adobe Employee

              Is QuickTime installed on your Windows machine? Lightroom can definitely import QuickTime .movs; I use it all the time. Can you provide a sample .mov file, that's causing problems?