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    Script to Convert Certain Paragraphs to Sidenotes

    AriEss Level 1

      Hi, I’m not familiar with writing scripts so this is my question:

      I found an excellent script by Peter Kahrel (http://www.kahrel.plus.com) which takes all footnotes and converts it to side-notes by cutting it and pasting it into anchored text frames with an object style applied to place it at the side of the page. It’s a very powerful script, but it is not precisely what I’m looking for.

      I would like to create “side-headers” that give a glimpse of what the adjacent paragraph is about. So I would like the script should take every instance of text which has the “SIDE HEADER” paragraph-style applied, cut it out and paste it in a small text frame that should be anchored in the beginning of the following paragraph (which has the “BODY TEXT” paragraph-style applied), and stay at the side of that text.

      Basically, it’s exactly what the script does, just that instead of selecting the footnotes, I want it to select any text that has a certain paragraph-style, and anchor the frame in the following body-text paragraph.

      Following is the link to the original script: