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    Lightoom keeps losing what I have done!

    The Goblin



      A few times over the last few weeks I seem to have 'lost' work that I have done. The first time I was confused and wondered if it was something I had done, but it has just done it again! Last night I went through about 20 images, editing them and star rated them all. I closed LR, did it's backup prior to shutting down.


      This morning all those edits have gone Only two images now have star ratings and they all need editing again!


      I updated LR last week but it did this prior to the update as well.


      I am using LR CC.


      Any tips appreciated. It's beginning to bother me.

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          The Goblin Level 1

          And further to my last. I have just tried opening LR using the backup file from last night and the edits were all on there! What is happening?

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Try creating a new catalog (File / New Catalog) then import everything from your old catalog into it (File / Import from Another Catalog) and see if the situation continues to happen.  After you’ve imported everything check the number of photos in the All Photos collection in the new catalog compared to the old catalog and see if they match. 


            And as a precaution, make sure the LR process is not in Task Manager anymore before shutting down your computer.  Sometimes it hangs around for a few seconds after the user-interface disappears. 


            You might also just unzip and open the latest backup done before you lost your work and see if the ratings are in that backup catalog.

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              The Goblin Level 1



              Yes I opened it from last nights backup and all the edits and ratings are there.


              I will try copying the catalogue and see what happens. But I have also had this happen whilst I have been editing a folder. I have scanned back through the images to see that nothing has been done on the images I have definitely done something to!


              I have asked in another group and someone else has had this happen.


              I will check the task manager though tonight and see if LR is still lingering!