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    Lightroom 6 freezes on startup when not connected to internet

    Ryke Waltz Level 1

      Please help me find a solution, because this is driving me crazy. I never had this problem before, but i didn't use Lightroom for a couple of weeks, and now for seemingly no reason this issue arised. I can't remember changing anything on my system. Win10 Home 64bit, Intel i5, Nvidia GTX970 (but graphics acceleration OFF), 256GB SSD drive, 8GB RAM.


      When i'm not connected to the internet and i start Lightroom 6.4 (newest version) the program freezes after 5 seconds and remains frozen for exactly 60 seconds (window whites out). When i'm connected to the internet this does not happen. So i assume LR tries to connect to somewhere like crazy and freezes the whole GUI in the process.


      This is not acceptable. I cannot wait for one minute every time i start up Lightroom before i can work with it.