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    lightroom 6.4 viewing issue in library module



          Today while taking some solar test shot (via solar filter) using my 7D2 with EF 100-400 II, I discover that many of the images (RAW) cannot be view correctly in the library module and lightroom behave oddly when viewing these images:

          1) The image is very blur and look like a super low resolution image.

          2) When I move the mouse pointer to point to other area, the "loading..." notification will appear for a while and disappear, but image is still blur (see the attach image).

          3) I try to discard the "1:1 preview" and build again, but still the same.

          4) The only way, I can get lightroom to display those image correctly in the library module is to perform any adjustment inside the development module even if the adjustment don't do any real adjustment (example, set set contrast to +1 and set contrast back to 0).


          All those images can be view on my DSLR, Canon DPP software and other image viewing software in my computer. I had encounter this issue before, but not so many images at once.


         Any suggestion??


         Thanks and have a nice day.