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    PreE14 cant burn blu ray

    Ron W 212373

      I'm using PreE14 on Windows 10.  I've completed my video project and try to burn to blu ray. I get an error message at about 98% compiling media. I've deleted everything and the program then reinstalled.  Still get the same error.  Ready to throw the program out.  Any ideas to fix the problem?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          When you get an error code that late in the process, it's usually an indication that the transcoding to disc went well but that something went wrong in the communication between the program and your disc burner.


          The best and easiest solution is to save your BluRay file to your hard drive and then use ImgBurn (a free download) to burn the file to a disc.


          To do this, go to Export & Share/Disc and set Type of burn to ISO Image File. This image file will be saved to your hard drive. (Save it to a folder where there are no other files.)


          Then use ImgBurn to burn the ISO files as a BluRay disc. I have a tutorial for installing and using ImgBurn on my Premiere Elements support site, Muvipix.com.

          *** ImgBurn tutorial ***