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    Too many connections?

    QRius99 Level 1
      Hi. Just wondering.... if i have a Scheduled Task setup to run every 3 minutes, and it performs a database Insert, followed by database updates, How can I prevent my CF server from treating each request from that Task as a new client connection, and not crash saying : "Max connections reached"?

      Should I be using a CFLOCK with a timeout greater than 3 minutes? I want the CF server to maintain an active session for my scheduled task, and not create a new connection for each time the task runs, every 3 miinutes.

      Please help.

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          Each time schedule tasks run, coldfusion considers them as a new request. i am not sure why you are getting max connections reached if you are just inserting and doing an update? Does insert or update take long time? what connections are maxed out? I do not think you can maintain sessions among different schedule tasks.