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    LR back up issue


      Hey guys really sorry about this im sure its a very basic issue but it's got me beat.  Basically I have been using LR for years, now on LR6. I have done the usual back up from time to time. I now have around 90gb of back ups in the pictures folder. Ive never deleted any of the older ones. I have tried in the past and have given up because every time I delete them I go back into LR and every image has an exclamation mark saying for e.g.. “ANYfrankie punc_069.jpg” could not be used because the original file could not be found. Would you like to locate it? So I panic head for the trash can and put all folders back into the pictures folder then head back to LR the images are all good again. My apologies for bothering you, Im obviously a bit of a wooden top.

      Regards Paul

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          pault66938340 Level 1

          Further to this I have found a LR backups folder worth about 6gb Ive just done a backup and deleted all previous backups in the folder, this has worked a treat. So im guessing what I've been trying to delete are the original files (worth 90gb) approx 10k of images in LR. So if thats correct please pretend you never read this post and I'll crawl back under my rock.


          Regards Paul

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            ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

            Lightroom backups contain only the catalog.

            The catalog does not contain your images, it just references the images by drive+path+filename.

            Deleting the old backups should be fine; just delete only the ZIP files in the "backup" folder tree.


            Ideally your backups should be saved to a different drive than your main catalog so that if one drive fails you don't lose both sets of files.


            Your images also need to be backed up to a separate drive. You need to do this outside of Lightroom.

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              pault66938340 Level 1

              Cheers mate, my warped thinking was that the back up was the original files so when deleting them thats where my problem was. Think I've got it in my numb skull now. Also I've got catalogue backups on external HD and i-cloud, but.........I now need to back up the 90gb of originals....Thanks for your reply.


              Regards Paul