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    Double charged for service, and support won't help!  Can you?

    CVM_Steve Level 1

      Does anyone know the secret to getting a live person on the phone at Adobe?  These chat reps from overseas aren't cutting it!  I have a detailed transcript of a chat where the rep has no clue and can't even articulate their responses well enough to be called support. My problem is simple:


      Last month, Adobe somehow didn't receive my automatic subscription payment through PayPal, even though the PayPal transaction was completed, and the funds were withdrawn and delivered (I have documentation of this that Adobe refuses to look at).


      I used the support available to me - a poor attempt at a chat service - to no avail.  The representative was informed of the situation, and proceeded to charge me for service again, even though I told them I had already been charged, and it was an error on their part.  Now, I have another $49.99 charge on my account.  While that did re-activate my subscription, it wasn't what I asked for.  When I contacted PayPal about this, their response was to cancel my subscription, entirely, but still not refund my second charge (they also have a foreign, sub-par support system)..  Now, I am in the 30-day "warning" period before my service is completely turned off, and am unsure whether I want to trust Adobe with my money, again.  I have contacted my bank - which should have been a last resort, but I guess that's where I am, now.  They are willing to work with me, because I can pick up the phone and explain the situation to them.  Why can't I do this with Adobe?!


      My final option is to take advantage of my company's free legal support and sue Adobe for $49.99, which sounds idiotic, until you realize it's free, and Disney has AMAZING lawyers at our disposal.  Is that really necessary?!  Why am I being put through so much aggravation because of Adobe's error?!  If I do come back, I expect compensation for my trouble.  At least a few free months of service for the overcharge and my month of troubles.  Otherwise, Affinity is looking really tempting...