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    Slide timings with captivate demos in breeze

      I have added some captivate demonstrations in my breeze presentation, these demos have no audio. When they are published on a breeze server i want the slide to change to the next one after the flash demo has finished, each demo is of different lengths so i dont want to set the time on every slide to be the same, is there a way to do this?
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          One workaround for this is to enable the advance by user option to slides with embedded captivate demonstrations. Breeze player will wait for users command to continue to the next slide or other slides thus finishing the embedded captivate demonstrations.

          Hope this helps.
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            mark2741 Level 1
            Another way would be to insert flash object(s) into the Captivate slides that programmatically tell Breeze to advance to the next slide.

            So basically what you do is set the Breeze presentation to "advance by user", which in effect pauses each slide permanently. Then at the end of your captivate you'll need to insert a flash object containing nothing but the following code:

            myBtn.onRelease = function() {

            Make sure to name your button "myBtn" in your flash object. If you don't have flash respond and I could put it together for you and upload it to my breeze server for you to download and use.