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    Script change size images in Indesign


      Hello everyone. Once again I turn to this community in the aid application. I am developing a work containing many mathematical equations in the text flow. These equations are with specific times to fit between the rows of text. They asked to increase the size of this equation (.eps format). I tried to find forum, but it still fails. I'm still new to javascript. Does anyone know any script that can help me with my problem. I thank you all. Thank you. I'm using google translate, sorry for my English.

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Neil,

          you'd better ask in the InDesign Scripting Forum:

          InDesign Scripting


          Before asking you should know good answers to the following questions:

          1. How are the exact scale percentages for x- and y-direction?

          Could you tell a uniform scale for every placed EPS? Or will the scale depend on distinct cases?

          2. How would you tell placed EPS files that should be scaled from others that should not be scaled?
          By a naming scheme perhaps. Or you could tell by a page range. Or…

          3. Are the placed EPS files anchored in the text?

          Inline anchored? Above line anchored? Anchored anchored? A mixture of all three cases?


          If all these questions can be answered sufficiently, one could write a script.


          A method with ExtendScript (JavaScript) to scale one individual selected container frame plus the image, that is hosted by the container, is described here:



          But that's only a starting point…