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    Linked master pages?


      I wonder if it is possible to work with linked master pages in InDesign? My master pages are used in a lot of different documents, and now I have to make some changes in all the documents master pages. Is it possible to link a master page to several documents so it is only necessary to make the changes once and then update like you do with a linked file?

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Put them all into a book panel, carefully set the sync settings so that only master pages are included and sync them that way.




          You may want to work on copies to be safe.

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            ryanp50725768 Level 1

            Hi Bob - thank you


            But it cannot be done that way, I think.

            My documents is already in several books and every single document has its own master page (different languages).

            So one book contains 9- 15 files - each file has its own master page. Now I have to change something in say the files that uses the italian master page - if that was linked to more documents, I only had to change the italian master page one time and not 867 times...