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    Lost project files

      Hello , due to a system crash of my computer I lost my robohelp project files ( and no i did not backup in time ).I do have the generated flashhelp from this project and i was wondering if it is possible to do some reverse engeneering ? Can i , starting from the output, recreate my project ? Can someone help me ?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          It is possible to reverse engineer from a webhelp output or a CHM output. I don't know about FlashHelp but I can point you to a site with information about the webhelp procedure so that you can see if that will work. Click here.

          I notice you say you did not backup in time. I wonder if that means you have backups and have just lost your work since a certain point? If so, you could restore that and then use Rick's method to recover just the lost changes, assuming the method does work for FlashHelp.

          Rick is US based so he will not be online until later to comment on this. I'm guessing you are not US based, either that or you are working in the early hours resolving this. :-)
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            Tom357be Level 1
            Hello Peter , the procedure you suggest works fine :-) , it will certainly do the job.
            Thx Tom