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    Book about: Flex 2.0 and Coldfusion 7

      i searched a lot to find some resources about Flex 2.0 and Coldfusion 7, but couldn't find any book out there in the market. Do you know any or at least a good resource (from begining to advanced). I am a Coldfusion 7.0 developer but is there any resource for me. I know nothing about how to develope flex apps so please tell me how I can use my cfm knowledge in flex.
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          Andrew Spaulding
          Considering that Flex 2.0 is only in beta you won't find a book just yet, but there may be some in the works.

          The only published Flex book to date is "Developing Rich Clients with Macromedia Flex" by Steven Webster and Alistair McLeod of Adobe Consulting (formerly iteration::two). You can find it on Amazon if you're interested.