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    Edited Form in Adobe LiveCycle, now people can't save/sign the form once they edit it


      Hello everyone. I am new to my organization and in the process of editing a bunch of old forms. I came across a form that must have been created in Adobe LiveCycle because when I clicked to edit the PDF, it told me i had to use LiveCycle. So I opened the form through there and made some edits. I adjusted the logo, added a few things to the drop down, and added some additional text on the bottom. Whenever I open and fill in the form, I am able to digitally sign it and save it just fine. I just got word from a few individuals who only have Adobe Reader that when they try to edit the form, they get a message that they cannot save it nor can they digitally sign it. I went to a few other people who have Adobe Reader, and they are experiencing the same issue. People who have Acrobat seem to be able to edit it just fine. I don't know how to fix this issue, and I don't get what changed. Before I edited this form, people with Reader were still able to fill in, sign and save the form. Now that I have edited it, they cannot.


      Please help!!


      Thank you.