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    Indesign & Interactive PDFs - ADOBE please fix!!!

    LJW - Scott Memberg

      Hey there Adobe Programmers,


      I have to say you guys have done such a wonderful job over there. As more and more graphic designers like me get into the interactivity on the web. We will be designing more PDFs that require interaction by our audiences. The largest problem I have currently is that the only "formating" that actually keeps when exporting an interactive pdf is the font size within a text field. Please Please Please take a closer look at how Indesign actually exports fields.


      If I make an text box which is to be editable, it should maintain the exact font, size and color I created it at. It really is a pain to reformat when in adobe acrobat pro. Also if there is any text within the "field" in indesign it should remain in the exported  version of the PDF.  Is there any updates coming in the future to solve these interactive problems?




      Scott Memberg