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    Importing URL items (text and images)

      I am in need of assistance. I have a file in a controlled environment (same user computer all the time) and am trying to import a txt file via URL which contains image file URLs. When the text file is imported, the script then imports the images from the names within the text file. This all works great in authroing mode and as a projector. For whatever reason it does not work in Shockwave.

      I am using DirectorMX (on either platform, doesn't matter)
      Client machine is Mac OSX 10.4
      Browser is Safari

      This is what I am using now. Any ideas or missing Xtras? Something that would help. Also, in Safari's Activity window, it says plug-in cancelled for the status of the text file. I'm thinking this may be a Xtras thing, but I have included ALL xtras in the director file. If I need to add an outside Xtras folder, thats fine. Not sure where it should be though.