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    Placing .txt document causing wrapping issues


      I am placing a .txt file into a publication in InDesign. I have the text set to left justification, and no hyphenation. The text is not flowing properly with irregular line breaks. For example, the first line breaks MI to the next line. I am able to type in MI immediately after Detroit but when I delete the MI on the second line, the newly typed MI is broken to the second line again. If the text frame is set to full justification, then the irregular breaks disappear, and the MI sits on line 1 with Detroit.

      A few things to note:

      -  I've checked for hidden characters and found there is only 1 space between words where irregular break are happening 

      - There are no indents on the text frames

      - I'm using paragraph styles to format text

      - When placing text, the character set is Unicode UTF8

      I am not sure if this is a text frame issue or placing issue. Any suggestions?