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    Unable to remove errant Digital Signature

    PHXPHUN Level 1

      When signing a Digital Signature, somehow the signature field became populated with two of my signatures...  one on top of the other.  So my name is now in the one field twice.  One signature is on top of the other (you can see the first letter of my first name from the signature in back, then my whole name from the signature that is in front).  I can delete the signature that is on top, but then the arrow that indicates the field needs to be signed returns, even though the first signature is still in the field. 


      How do I clear all signatures from this signature field, so I can sign the field and have the 'signature needed' indicator clear from the form? 

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          IsakTen-RwIoo2 Level 4

          Do you have two digital signatures or it is one signature with two appearances? If you have two digital signatures then did you try to delete both signatures and then sign again once? Is it possible that you somehow just placed the text of your name in the same spot where the digital signature appearance goes and that's why you see two names, not that you have two digital signatures? If this is the case, you need to somehow undo your name text.

          You should always keep the original PDF giving the signed PDF a different name. This way you can always start anew.