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    Adding File Name in the Footer (Bottom Left) of PDF Document


      I've been using Nitro with my company for work, and we use to be able to employ a code named: ($FileName) into the Headers/Footers section and it applied the FileName into the document. I know for the Page Number/Date, Adobe uses <<1>> and <<m/d>> etc, is there a certain function I can use to employ this for the Footer so I can get the FileName inputted into the document?


      I know there has been discussion on the forum about using JavaScript --- but I want to try and not go this route as I'm very very novice using Adobe at the moment and would need a complete step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve exactly what I need.


      There is a thread with a code that enters the file name once you print or something along those lines, but I would like an easier alternative to apply to all documents in a few clicks if possible? I feel like there is definitely a way to input the FileName into the footer of the document like you're able to with the Page Number and the Date. Does anyone know how to do this or you do actually need to use JavaScript to make this work?


      If JavaScript is needed -- can someone please provide an easy JavaScript solution, possibly with a step-by-step tutorial?


      Thank you,