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    InDesign / Illustrator "blinking"

    RafaelMartins Level 1

      When opening InDesign and/or Illustrator, the start screen just keep flashing (blinking) white and black. The pull-down menus can't be accessed. When I open a file (from outside those programs, since I can't interact with the programs while no file is open), the mouse pointer keeps flashing and I can't interact with menus or panels.


      CC2015 version

      The only other CC application I've got installed is Photoshop and it is working fine.
      I have CC installed at another desktop with this same user and it is all working fine there.


      The computer (laptop) with the issue ia a DELL VOSTRO with Windows 10 x64 Professional

      i7-3632QM processor

      8 GB RAM
      Intel HD Graphics (integrated) and Radeon HD 7670M (all drivers up to date)

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          RafaelMartins Level 1

          Just received a chat help from Adobe.
          The issues got fixed for now. What they recommend me to do was to Crtl+K while on AI and ID and on General Preferences tab -> uncheck "show start workspace when no documents are open".
          The strange (yet very good) thing is that this also corrected the issue while a file is open.
          If something new arises from that, I will post here.
          Thanks for now, Adobe.