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    Using Robohelp 11 to Create a Knowledge Base




      I've been asked about using Robohelp to create a Knowledge Base, and have therefore been having a look at this template for the first time.


      I can find very little information about this type of output, and wonder if anyone has experience of using it to create a KB from first principles? There are so many really super looking KBs out there, I have my doubts as to whether Robohelp is the best tool for the job; I'm still at the very early stages of investigation but from what I've seen so far, it all seems a bit basic.


      All and any advice would be most welcome :-)



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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          Personally, I cut my teeth on RoboHelp more than 20 years ago using it specifically for creating a Knowledge Base or Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) used by a few hundred agents working in a customer contact center.


          Is "first principles" some methodology or is it a company product?


          I found RoboHelp to be very useful in the things I used it for. But I know that everyone has different requirements.


          What are the specific aspects that are important to you?


          For example, rapid access to information? RoboHelp has you covered there if you use it properly.

          Centralized management of material? Again, RoboHelp shines in this area/

          Commenting and "wikipedia" type of democratization and group management of information? RoboHelp may not be your thing for this as its model is more aligned with central publishing and mass consumption by users.


          If we know more we can better direct you.


          Cheers... Rick

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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

            "First principles" is UK English for basics.


            @Clair Rh is ideal for a Knowledge Base as the books be titled to show the knowledge areas and the topics can be the specific areas. The Employee Care sample project gives a basic idea. Click Open on the RoboHelp Starter page and then click Samples in the ribbon on the left.


            The appearance can take advantage of newer skins that are included with RoboHelp and there are more free skins on Help Essentials provided by Willam van Weelden and Jonathan Smith.

            I think I have also seen some pretty neat work created by yourself.

            Kind regards.


            See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips