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    problem with Windows 10 and Adobe Connect :(

    diana.vel Level 1




      Hello, I have a problem using Adobe connect in my classes OpenEnglish, the voice sounds distorted slow and therefore can not fully understand me and I could not take my normal classes, if anyone can help me I will be very grateful. when I use the application to record normal voice my computer does not happen or video call for example in Facebook, please is urgent, I hope you can help me.

      Thank you


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          Sally Cox ACP Level 3

          II'll try to help but your post is missing a lot of detail. I use Windows 10 and Chrome with great success, so Windows 10 is not the issue.


          Please confirm you've done the following and then tried to use Connect, so we can eliminate some variables:


          1) Reboot.

          2) Close all unnecessary applications.

          3) In the Connect room, right click anywhere and choose Settings. Third icon from left (yellow folder icon), choose it and drag slider to the right all the way. Do NOT choose the checkbox. Close dialog box and you should never have to reset again.

          4) Perform Meeting>Audio Setup Wizard.


          Are you using VoIP or Audio Bridge?

          Are you hard wired or wireless? Please provide your speed settings by going to speedtest.net to get upload/download times.


          If you can try these things, and let me know how it works, We might be able to solve your issues.