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    Opening a .tiff in Ps changes the lens profile



      I'm currently working on a series of images taken with a DP2 Merrill camera. Since the camera is not supported, I import in Lightroom .tiff files generated by Sigma Photo Pro. I then created in Lightroom a set of defaults based on ISO value were I automatically set a certain amount of noise reduction and apply the lens profile for the DP2 Quattro. Now I generally edit the tiff in Lightroom and I'm done. Recently I neded to apply some further edits in Ps, therefore I open a copy of the .tiff including the Lightroom edits in Ps, I then proceed to edit the file in Ps, then I save and close. When I get back to Lightroom to my surprise the new tiff. edited in Photoshop has a visibly different lens profile applied. The image at the border looks more stretched and lighter, as if the profile was applied twice or a different, much stronger profile was applied. I really do not understand how to prevent this from happening.