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    Lightroom is blurring my photos.

    howmanypigginnamesdoitry Level 1

      I've just bought a new lens, a Tamron 24-70 to go with my Canon 5DSR. I've got the camera set up now on tethered capture and I take a shot. While it's loading into Lightroom 6.3 I can see it is razor sharp and well exposed. But when it's finished loading it is blurred. I've got faithful picture style set although I am shooting in raw so that shouldn't matter.
      I choose 'None' develop settings in the tether menu, and in Lightroom the saved preset is set to 'default settings', but after every shot it goes to custom.
      It's got me baffled and I know there is a razor sharp shot in there, but I'm not able to see it. Does anyone know what's going on?