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    Converting .pm4 to .pmd to .indd - trials and tribulations-- and success!


      This is a success story.


      Working with Pagemaker 7.0.1a on Windows 7


      • Older .pm4 files required archiving
      • First Pagemaker would refuse to open the files - giving a memory error
      • Uninstalled and reloaded Pagemaker -- with updates to 7.0.1 and 7.0.1a
      • Pagemaker attempted to load files yet sought the original Afga 9000 Series PS driver on FILE
      • Search for the Afga PS driver begins -- no luck -- downloads which were available wouldn't load on WIndows 7
      • Found a listing of Windows 3.0 drivers -- the Afga used pscript,dvr -- a simple generic pscript driver
      • At this point I realized it was a rendering issue -- and if one vanilla pscript driver would work then any generic pscript driver might work
      • Added a generic pscript drive on FILE -- renamed the printer to the name Pagemaker was looking for and.....





      Saved as .pmd files and reopened and saved in Indesign