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    .AVI file export


      New to AE and my export file .AVI is all glitchy starts and stops.  Any advice ?

      The movie clip I am working on is MPEG, I would like to save it as that but AE won't let me ?

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          mattmeijer45 Level 1

          what codec are you using?


          Output Module > Format Options


          If i were you I would choose quicktime and select h.264 as your codec. 

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            imeilfx Adobe Community Professional

            So there's several problems:

            1. AVI file that you are exporting from AE is uncompressed so glitches and stops happen because your system (HDD mostly) is to slow to push all that uncomprssed data to your computer screen at full speed of your video (25/30fps). So your AVI file is ok but you just cant play it smoothly.

            2. If you wish to export from AE to any final format/codec (f.eg. mp4,mpg,avi with some lossy codesc in it etc.) don't use Composition/Add to render queue... but use Adobe Media Encoder as your renderer insted by chosing Composition/Add to Adobe Media Encoder queue... and from there chose codec and format that you need.